Trying to register for a Google Stadia account, but it requires that you activate a Stadia Pro trial that you may not want yet. Fear not, I have a bypass to get you through the registration process. Along with some other Stadia information’s. Otherwise, this post is going to be really short lol.

So the first order of business is actually registering for Stadia with your Google account.

If you're interested in an extra month of Stadia Pro trial. Which you can save for later, after using this bypass method. It will be available to you when you activate the Stadia Pro trial and/or subscribe to Stadia Pro. Simply Register your Stadia account using my Referral link ( ) to claim the Stadia referral reward in the first step.

Stadia Registration- Pro trial StepStadia Registration- Pro trial activation step

Once you have your Google account setup and gone through the Stadia registration process. You'll eventually reach this point, towards the end of Stadia registration. Where it forces you to activate your 1 month free Stadia Pro trial, which would require payment information, which is an inconvenient if you just want to create a free account.

Stadia: Destiny 2 Page

Now for the bypass, you'll simply go claim a free game. The free games available at the time of writing are:

Simply click the "Play on Stadia" button, sign-in and you should be taken to the final step of your registration, click "Get game".

Stadia Pro Trial bypass with Destiny 2Stadia Pro trial bypass with Destiny 2

Once you claim a free game you'll be taken to the Stadia store page of the game you claimed. Now you can activate your 1 month free Pro trial at any time by simply visiting the pro trial page and enter your payment information.

If you're attempting this bypass on mobile devices. You'll need to sign-in and claim a free game within a web browser app like chrome or safari (depending on device) instead of the Stadia app. That's it, easy eh?

How to cancel Stadia Pro Subscription

Google Stadia Pro Subscription settingsGoogle Stadia Pro Subscription settings

To cancel a Stadia Pro subscription, simply head over to:
Under "Purchases & Subscriptions" you'll find your Stadia Pro Subscription there. Simply click the "Unsubscribe" button. Your trial will cancel on it's expire date.

How to enable Family Sharing for Stadia Games

If you like to share your Stadia game library with up to 6 family members. Simply set up a family Group by heading over here: Afterwards remember to enable family sharing in your Stadia account under the "family" setting option:

Google Stadia family sharing settingsGoogle Stadia family sharing settings

Once added to the family group. That member will have access to your complete Stadia library, including Pro games. Please note only one copy of each game can be accessed at a time. There's also a 12 month cooldown after making changes to the group.

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