Got a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription but not an Xbox console. Trying to get Game pass App on it isn't an ordeal. Since it isn’t officially on the Play store yet? It’s time to introduce you to the wonderful method of sideloading Android apps on your Nvidia Shield TV Pro or any Android TV boxes. Since sideloading apps is pretty much a given technique every Android user should learn. Following the similar sideloading procedure I have written in my sideloading Stadia tutorial. Things should be largely the same aside from the extra steps to get this up and running.

Here's the run down of what you'll need:
Hardware: Apps:
  • Any Android phone/tablet. That has Xbox Game Pass Support.
  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro, or any Android TV boxes
  • A Bluetooth Xbox Controller.
  • A keyboard with touchpad or just mouse.

Step 1- Installing the necessary Apps

The first order of business is installing Apps on your Android devices. On the Google Play store simply search for the following:

On Android Phone/Tablet: On Nvidia Shield TV Pro:

Step 2- Export Xbox Game Pass app to APK

Exporting Xbox Game Pass to an APK

Once you have everything installed. We’ll now be converting the official Xbox Game Pass app, it into an APK. Head over to your Android phone/tablet.

  1. Open APK Export.
  2. Search for Xbox Game Pass
  3. Select it and click the save icon (looks like a floppy disk).

After successful conversion. The APK file will be placed in an "apk" directory of your device internal storage.

Step 3-Transfer Xbox Game Pass APK to Nvidia shield

Send Files To TV app screen Shield TV with receive option selected

With your Android device in hand while connected to the same network as your Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Open up the Send files to TV app both on both devices.

  • While on Nvidia Shield TV Pro select "Receive".
  • Whereas on your Android Device Select "Send".

It will prompt you to select what to send. Simply select the Xbox Game Pass APK we created in the prior step. A transfer progress screen will show on your Nvidia Shield TV Pro once a transfer is initialed.

Step 4- Installing the Xbox Game Pass APK

Once Successfully, It's time to install the APK using File Commander app. The Xbox game Pass APK, will be located in internal Storage within the Downloads folder.

Shield TV Pro- Allow Unknown App setting panel

If it's your first time installing an APk file on your Nvidia Shield TV Pro. You're going have to allow unknown sources.

  1. By simply selecting Settings when prompted.
  2. Which would take to the "Install Unknown app" settings panel.
  3. Choose File Commander, and set it to "Allowed"

Now when you go to install the Xbox Game Pass APK with file commander it will not prompt asking if you trust this unknown source. Simply go through the install process. If successful, Yay! You've successfully sideloaded your first app onto your Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Well, that pretty much covers the installation process.

Step 5- Creating the Xbox Game Pass App Shortcut

After the installation of the Xbox Game Pass APK. You could notice the lack of Xbox game Pass shortcut on your Shields TV home screen and app drawer. That’s due to compatibility of Xbox game Pass does not create a shortcut for Android TV OS while sideloading.

Selecting Xbox Game Pass in Nebula manager

This where Nebula Manager comes in, simply head over to Nebula Manager, and select the Xbox game Pass. Once selected an Up-arrow icon should appear on the bottom right of it. Now you can easily launch the Xbox Game Pass, from the home screen within the Nebula channel which looks like this.

Nebula Channel with Xbox game Pass

Step 6 – Connecting a controller

The final step before launching the app is connecting Your Xbox controller via Bluetooth and a Bluetooth mouse. The mouse is required to get past the initial sign-in screen and if you got a keyboard hooked up. It will certainly come in handy when it comes to text inputs.

Nvidia Shield TV - Remote App

Alternatively, you could just use the Nvidia Shield TV remote app from the play store on your phone To handle text inputs and scrolling. As long it's connected to the same network as your Shield TV. Open the remote panel, select Trackpad in the drop-down for mouse input and the Keyboard icon for keyboard, vice versa.

Otherwise, there are USB ports on the back of your Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Which primarily for storage devices and peripherals. Anyway, to pair your Bluetooth accessories simply head over to:

  1. Settings
  2. Remote & Accessories
  3. Add Bluetooth Accessories
  4. Begin the paring process for your controller.

Once you’ve successfully logged into your Xbox account with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You can now access and play the available cloud games offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from the comfort of your Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

Other important information

Split-screen and couch co-op multiplayer aren’t supported on XCloud. Hooking up multiple controllers will not be detected as separate controllers, but rather a single controller that controls a single player and the shield itself.

If you are experiencing input lag/delay within the Xbox game Pass app Interface. A force stop and a reboot of the Xbox game Pass app will be required.To force stop an app simply head over shields TV settings menu, Apps, select Game Pass. The force stop option will be there. To exit a game, simply click the back button your Shield TV remote and select Yes when prompted.

While in the game the Xbox Guide button on your controller will not open the Xbox guide menu. It will take you to your Shield TV home screen. To open the Xbox guide menu, you’re going must use a mouse to click the Xbox button. Located on the top left corner of the screen while in game to bring up the Xbox guide menu.

Well, that’s all, Happy gaming Cheers!! 😛
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