The long overdue Horizon 5 first expansions finally drops. Taking the familiar Hot Wheels themed Horizon Festival. But for a hefty admission price, that literally gets you a day of Hot Wheels festivities, is it Worth it? After spending nearly, the entire year doing the same seasonal activities in Mexico. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air for Horizon 5.

Horizon 5- Hot Wheels Bad to the Blade Intro

Well, that’s an easy question to answer. If Horizon 5 is still your main daily game. It’s highly recommended that you get the expansion while it’s still Hot. The expansion could take 12 hours or less to complete. Easily complete in a day or two weekends. As playing multiple races back-to-back can be tiresome when all you’re looking a is a bright orange track for much of your play time.

Horizon 5- Hot Wheels Deora II

During the initial release, there were bugs that prevented progress, or not granting completion achievement, in my case the Mission complete (100% completion the Hot Wheels Expansion) achievement took the longest to be resolved. Almost a month to be exact. Thankfully newer players to the expansion won’t have to encounter the initial release bugs. Although the expansion content Drivatar on highly skilled difficulty wise, felt a lot easier during the first week than they currently are, a month later.

Horizon 5-Hot Wheels Academy Ranks

The Hot Wheels academy campaign was a nice deviation from the already stale Horizon Mexico festival playlist end game activities. Having players work their way up the Hot Wheels academy ranks in order to be permitted to drive higher class cars on the Hot Wheels map. While completing the Hot Wheels expansion in the process. It was an enjoyable and satisfying experience which makes up for the Mediocre Horizon Mexico Street scene portion of the base game. The only difficult portion of the expansion is having to go through the time-consuming Horizon Open (PvP) Hot Wheels challenges for that 100% completion.

Horizon 5- Hot Wheels 2 Jet Z

They still managed to put those pesky sharp turns and off-road portions into the Hot Wheel tracks, but this time you’ll have to make those sharp turn while going +250MPH which I found to be annoying on higher difficulties. But once you complete the expansion, everything becomes irrelevant, since there’s so little content afterwards. Even the extra 10 points festival playlist rewards from doing the Hot Wheels activities aren't even worth doing. In my opinions the Hot Wheels expansion feels more like a free title Update rather than paid expansion.

Horizon 5 - Hot Wheels Tour

Therefore, while the Hot Wheels expansion was an enjoyable addition to Horizon 5 single player experience that only lasted a little over a week. Its initial release bugs are what kept me from an instant recommendation on day one. All while you can still easily enjoy Horizon 5 without it, since the addition are minimal. So, the only big reasons to purchase the Hot Wheels expansion is, 1: you’re a Completionist, and/or 2: you’re a Hot Wheels fan.

The Good: The Bad:
  • Hot Wheels.
  • Good single-player campaign.
  • Nice clean tracks, for speed racing.
  • Minimal content
  • Forced Matchmade objectives
  • Not enough replay value.
  • Irrelevant after completion.

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