About JasonDarkX2

Hello there, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Stranger. A pleasant surprise that you’ve stopped by my About page 😀 Anyways, the names Jason and here's a bit about me if you’re still interested. Well to simply put it, I’m your average friendly Asian Canadian Full-stack developer and electronic Engineer hobbyist. Who likes video games, movies, and TV shows. Could literally have a conversation with anyone. Fluent in multiple languages, and coding for a living.

Welcome to my website, which I host and maintain on my spare time. When I’m not working, traveling, gaming, or binge watching a TV show. Here you’ll find stuff which I casually write from time to time. Mainly reviews of stuff I’ve purchased with my own money like any ordinary consumer would lol 😛 followed by tutorials of stuff I’ve researched and/or things I’ve found interesting that's worth sharing, some just written for future references. But If it manages to help someone else, that’s a major bonus 👍👍 I’ll do my best to keep tutorials up to date. If something doesn’t work, let me know I’m always down to research and find a new solution if possible.

If we have something in common or need assistance with something, feel free to contact me, I can be reached in various ways over at https://www.jasondarkx2.com/Contact. otherwise I’m always down to game together during my free time.

Remember to follow me to get the latest updates and posts. Since I don't keep a strict internet schedule >.< Cheers!!