JasonDarkX2 YO SUP? I’m surprised, you’ve actually stopped by my About page 😀 Anyways, the names Jason and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m a freelance Full Stack Developer and hobbyist tech/gaming blogger from Toronto, Ontario. If you ever need a website or App build, I’m the guy you call.

About site

Here you’ll find stuff which I casually write from time to time. When I'm not gaming with friends or hacking away at code for work and/or school. Primarily anything from tech, gaming and programming related. It’s kind of a way to let loose and enjoy writing content I like talking about. Hopefully I was able to help or provide insight on a topic.

About Reviews

All the stuff I review I’ve purchased on my own, like any ordinary consumer would lol 😛 Unless stated otherwise in reviews when a product is sponsored or received for free from a developer. If it's something I really want I'd get it on release day, but I generally wait for a sale price that I consider ok or have played a good portion of the content offered before writing a review. Since updates nowadays can make or break a game for me. I aim to answer the fundamental question: Is it worth it?

About Tutorials

Anything I find interesting, researched, or came across doing myself gets a tutorial post, so it can be my notes for future references while also helping someone else is a major bonus 👍👍 I’ll do my best to keep tutorials up to date. If something doesn’t work, let me know I’m always down to research and find a new solution if possible.

About Me

Anyhoo, a bit about me if you’re still interested. Well, I'm an Asian Canadian and have been living in Canada for most of my life, simply a proud Canadian. I can speak English, Cantonese, read and write computer codes *matrix style* I'm a tech savvy person. Big Star Wars, Deadpool fan. Love watching sci-fi, action, comedy movies. Oh yeah, I used to game with one hand for 10+ years. While my physical disabilities haven’t stopped me from enjoying life and gaming for all these years, finding creative solutions to overcome challenges is my main game. Hopefully I can provide some value to others by sharing my joyful experiences on my website.

If we have something in common or need assistance with something, feel free to contact me, I can be reached in various ways over at https://www.jasondarkx2.com/Contact. otherwise I’m always down to game together during my free time.

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