JasonDarkX2 YO SUP? I’m surprised, you’ve actually stopped by my About page 😀 Anyways, the names Jason and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m a Full Stack Developer and hobbyist tech/gaming blogger from Toronto, Ontario. If you ever need a website or App build, I’m the guy you call.

About site

Here you’ll find stuff which I casually write from time to time. When I'm not gaming with friends or hacking away at code for work and/or school. Primarily anything from tech, gaming and programming related. It’s kind of a way to let loose and enjoy writing content I like talking about. Hopefully I was able to help or provide insight on a topic.

About Reviews

All the stuff I review I’ve purchased on my own, like any ordinary consumer would lol 😛 Unless stated otherwise in reviews when a product is sponsored or received for free from a developer. If it's something I really want I'd get it on release day, but I generally wait for a sale price that I consider ok or have played a good portion of the content offered before writing a review. Since updates nowadays can make or break a game for me. I aim to answer the fundamental question: Is it worth it?

About Tutorials

Anything I find interesting, researched, or came across doing myself gets a tutorial post, so it can be my notes for future references while also helping someone else is a major bonus 👍👍 I’ll do my best to keep tutorials up to date. If something doesn’t work, let me know I’m always down to research and find a new solution if possible.

About Me

Anyhoo, a bit about me if you’re still interested. Well, I'm an Asian Canadian software developer who's been living in Canada for most of his life, simply a proud Canadian. I can speak English, Cantonese, read and write computer codes *matrix style* I'm tech savvy, cinephile, laid back, cheerful type of person. Oh yeah, did I mention, due to my physical disabilities I used to game with one hand for 10+ years.

My determinations and refusal to give up over the years allowed me to overcome some of the limitations and figure out ways to comfortability game with regular controllers (no accessibility controllers) during the recent years. While it's not perfect, I’m grateful that I’m still able to kick butt and enjoy the sweet taste of victory whenever possible.

I mostly game for fun and sweet the taste of victory, since “It's just a game, why so serious, eh?”. I’m always down to help fellow gamers in co-op and the playing the objective in multiplayer. So if you ever need a chill gaming buddy feel free to shoot me an invite. I’d be happy to game with ya if I’m free.

If we have something in common or need assistance with something, feel free to contact me, I can be reached in various ways over at https://www.jasondarkx2.com/Contact. otherwise I’m always down to game together during my free time.

Remember to follow me to get the latest updates and posts. Since I don't keep a strict internet schedule >.< Cheers!!