Looking for a way to disable the camera shutter sound effect on your Samsung phone camera app. It’s a rather simple task to do if you got an 2019 phone or later. Starting with the Galaxy s10. The camera shutter sound toggle is no longer present within the camera app settings menu.

That’s because Samsung decided to wrap simple tasks into Bixby to make it more useful. While Bixby's reception from 2017 was meh... This new version called Bixby Routines is rather quite useful this time around and considering its proprietary in Samsung phones. It beats having to find unconventional mods/tweaks.

What is Bixby Routines?

Well to simply put it, Bixby Routines is a preloaded Tasker app by Samsung. You can also sideload Bixby Routines on Samsung devices running at least Nougat or later. Besides being a voice assistant, Bixby Routines can be used to create some interesting/useful tweaks. For more information on Bixby Routines: Click Here

Step 1: Enabling Bixby Routines

Anyways the first order of business is to enable Bixby Routines if you haven't done so, follow these steps:
  1. Head over to Settings.
  2. Select Advanced Features
  3. Then enable Bixby Routines

Once you have enabled Bixby Routines. You can add the Bixby button to your quick settings panel for easy access and toggle.

Step 2: Adding the routine

Now comes the fun part creating the routine. Which would require putting together a simple, If Statement. Simply launch Bixby Routines and create the following:

For the If part:
  • select App opened
  • Select the Camera App
Now for Then part:
  • Search for Do not Disturb and select it.
  • Afterwards when prompt select On.
Disabling Camera Shutter sound Bixby RoutinesYour Bixby Routine should look like this

Now save the routine and test it. If you have done it properly the camera shutter sound for the camera app you selected should be disabled. That’s it, Easy Peasy Cheers!!

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