With less than 24 hours before Rainbow Six Siege launches in North America, those who played the open Beta over the weekend should either feel confident with their pre-order or going to can it. But for those who missed out on the open beta and still contemplating whether or not to get the game on release day. Well, as someone who played the closed Beta and Open beta on PC my opinions of the game remains relatively the same since the closed beta experience. But some changes in the Open beta raise some eyebrows that maybe your deciding factors.

Well to start off being an open beta instead of a closed beta the experience of rainbow Six Siege drastic changes due to now varied and diverse player base opposed to the closed beta playing with the same handful people who were either very serious about the game to very friendly playing tactfully. But when the doors open to the public I find myself playing with people who would only rush objectives like it was some Call of Duty domination match getting them self-killed in humorous ways, leaving myself always the last one alive to look for the bomb(s) to defuse on Realistic difficulty and 4 other dead players annoyingly spamming hurry up in the chat.

Rainbow Six Siege IQ operator IQ operator still looks the best

While the closed beta offered classic Terrorist hunt which was laughable the easiest mode to play in Rainbow Six Siege on any difficulty. But in the Open beta, Disarm Bomb was the player vs AI this time around and it seriously was a buff in difficulty on all accounts, you can no longer lone wolf it and expect a mission success 90% of the time.

Rainbow Six Siege Disarm BombRainbow Six Siege Disarm Bomb

In disarm bomb,players are required to look for two bombs and diffuse it sounds easy eh? Wells here’s the catch unlimited terrorist spawns, hordes spawn location when diffuser device is placed; you and the team are going to have to make effective use of your drones and communication in order to be successful.

The classic terrorist hunt was way more enjoyable even though it was very easy, everyone in the lobby cooperated meanwhile during the open beta people playing player vs AI was team killing and getting mad at you if you had chosen their favourite operator. Overall the cooperative modes of is Rainbow Six Siege is all round well packages for all types of casual players and hardcore with a side of angry trolls which hopefully won’t transition into the full game. But the problem can be easily solved with friends.

Rainbow Six Siege End Round

While the Players vs AI modes was my go to, during both betas, I’ll have to say they are pretty good. But if you’re into the MP portions of the game all I have to say is have mix and expect many hosts quits if you and your crew is on the victory streak. From my experience if I was on the losing team I able to play a full match. But as soon I was on the winning team, opponents raged quits ending in a DNF match. So yeah, hopefully they can address the matchmaking and connection issues with dedicated servers at launch.So be ready for some frustration during the first couple days.

Rainbow Six Siege Weapon SkinsRainbow Six Siege Weapon Skins lolz

Overall the Open beta demonstrated that Rainbow Six Siege has a lot potential in the long run. But being a Multiplayer only game for $80cdn at launch with the only incentive is to come play new maps, unlocking operators and weapon skins is kind of overdoing it in my opinions. But if you and your friends are feeling tactical and want a game that heavily focuses teamwork. Then Rainbow six Siege is your go to. Otherwise, waiting a year when it’s $30 or less with all contents might not hurt in this case.

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