Happy Birthday Payday 2, and for your birthday we’re giving you zombies lol yeah, not what everyone was expecting when the countdown timer on the Overkill software’s “what’s Next” page hit zero. Star breeze AB in a press release, announces their long term partnership with Sky bound Interactive in regards The Walking Dead IP. Tasking Overkill to create and deliver a new first-person shooter co-op game in the walking dead universe set to release sometime in 2016. Such a big transition from robbing Banks to survival horror is kind of funny once you think about it's going from fixing broken drills, killing cops, and moving bags of money to fighting zombies and saving lives o.O congrats on the partnership and hope to see what Overkill can contribute to the ever undead Zombie universe games.

The press release below: D [Source]
Starbreeze Studios unveils OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Starbreeze AB, an independent creator, publisher and distributor of computer and video games, today unveils its new project, OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, based on the hugely popular The Walking Dead series created by Robert Kirkman.

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio, will deliver a completely new co-op experience to The Walking Dead universe, exploring new characters and storylines. “The collaboration between Starbreeze Studios and our partner Skybound Interactive will deliver something uniquely exciting for our millions of fans. We’re two independents joining forces to create the ultimate survival horror game. With Robert on the team, we will bring The Walking Dead into the world of first-person shooter co-op games.” says Bo Andersson Klint, CEO, Starbreeze AB. He continues, “It will be gameplay focused, ferocious and bring chaos to the traditional industry model – from us developers straight to you. This time it’s big – don’t walk alone.”

message from Robert Kirkman [Source]
Hi, This is Robert Kirkman from Skybound and I am the creator of The Walking Dead.

I’m a huge fan of what OVERKILL and Starbreeze have been able to do with PAYDAY 2. It’s just an amazing co-operative game and I’m excited to be able to announce that Skybound is partnering with OVERKILL to make a Walking Dead game. I’m happy to say that it’s the co-op game that all of the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for.

And for all the PAYDAY 2 fans out there, this is for you. Lucille, the choice weapon of “The Walking Dead” antagonist Negan, is a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat that has caused the untimely deaths of many in the long-running comic series.

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