So you've just installed Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on PC just to find out that your Xbox controllers doesn't work. Well you're in luck; I have quick fix that will surely get you up and running in no time.

So we will be applying the same kind of method which I used to get my Xbox One Controller working for Splinter Cell Conviction (here’s a link to that tutorial) if you followed my earlier tutorial "Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox One Controller Fix" You could just copy over those two files(x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll) you created from your Conviction directory to your Rainbow Six Vegas 2 directories and that’ll be it if you’re using the Xbox One controller. But for continuity I’ll be covering those bases once again here.

Before we start these are the requirements:

  • Xbox One or wireless Xbox 360 controller obviously.Any other third party controller that’s PC compatible will work too cause this tutorial will fix those too.
  • Xbox One and/or Xbox 360 Controller Windows drivers installed.
  • Uplay account and/or Steam account. If you have the old retail version is fine too
  • Rainbow six Vegas 2 1.03 patched.
  • X360ce(32-bit) you can get it here:
  • Winrar or 7-zip *Optional*

UPDATE- 06/03/2020: It appears that the latest version of x360ce( is working properly for both wired and Bluetooth Xbox One controller. The “Default Settings for Most Popular Controllers” option has been defunct in the latest version. So just use the options in the “Most Popular Settings for My Controller” tab instead. Though you might need to remap either one or both triggers in the general tab, if they aren’t mapped properly after selecting a Controller Setting. More information down below.
Otherwise, if you’re still experiencing problems you can try an earlier build of X360ce(version to be exact). I've uploaded a copy of X360ce to DropBox Cheers!!

First thing locating your game directory

  • The default directory for Uplay users would be for example:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 VEGAS 2\Binaries\
  • For Steam users the directory would be in your Steam Apps for example:
    C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 VEGAS 2\Binaries\

If you’re unsure where Steam installed the game, you can open up the game properties by simply right click the game while in the library, select properties, local Files tabs, and select browse local files should bring up the game directory.

x360ce.exe in directory x360ce.exe in directory

Once copied over simply right click on x360ce.exe and run it as administrator. Allow it to search Automatically for settings, when it asks if you want to create a Xinput1_3.dll file, simply hit the Create Button, if there’s an exception error message just hit continue. Now you have to close X360ce.exe and run it again as administrator.

X360ce warning MessageX360ce warning Message

If you get a warning list regarding: Leak Detector, Microsoft SDK, You can ignore them. But remember to hit “Create” for DLL File. Which is required for this work.

Now hit the controller one tab you should see an Xbox 360 controller, verify that your controller is working properly by hitting/clicking buttons and a green dot will light up on the image corresponding to which button you clicked. If it doesn’t light that’s fine, just make note it’s the right controller by verifying the last tab is the controller you’re setting up.

Once verified working head over to the Controller Settings tab, you should notice that your controller/Device selection on the top left corner and the Program/Game else on its right. The first thing you want to select the device you want to setup from the controller/Device drop down eg.Controller (xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows) or Controller (xbox one for windows), next for the program/game you want to pick R6Vegas2_game.exe.

x360ce configuration for  Vegas 2x360ce configuration for Vegas 2

Now what you want to do is head over to “Default Settings for Most Popular Controllers” tab and pick Controller (Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows) from the list. Then hit Load , hit Yes, when it asks load Preset Setting?

Changes for the latest version of x360ce(version

Most Popular Settings for My Controller tabMost Popular Settings for My Controller tab

Since the “Default Settings for Most Popular Controllers” option no longer exists in the latest version. You’re going have to pick an option from “Most Popular settings for My Controller” tab instead. Be sure to select the option with the most user. Hit load, click "Yes", then simply Save. Simply look for:

  • If you're connected via Bluetooth: "Bluetooth XINPUT compatible device"
  • If you're connected via USB cord: "Xbox One For Windows"
Then Hit load, click "Yes", then simply Save.

Note: If you set up as a Bluetooth device, you'll be required to reconfigure X360ce when you switch to cord connection. Therefore, setting up while connected via USB would eliminate the hassle of having to reconfigure.

if you’re having any button or trigger problems you can simply remap them in the general tab.

Remapping in x360ceRemapping in x360ce

to remap simply select the “[Record]” option and hit the corresponding button/trigger on your controller. To check if mapped properly hitting the button on the controller should flash green in the app.

Configure Vegas 2 controller settingsConfigure Vegas 2 controller settings

Once finished, save and close xbce.exe you will notice the two files,x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll in the directory. You can now delete the x360ce.exe and boot up the game and enjoy Rainbow six Vegas 2 with your xbox one or xbox 360 wireless controller. Be sure to enable controller options in the game under Extra->options-> General tab-> use Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. I hope this help anyone having trouble playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with the Xbox One or Xbox 360 Controller or any other controller. If you have questions, feel free to leave it in the comments sections.

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