After 12 years since its initial release back in August 24, 2001 the popular operating system Windows XP will be retiring on April 8, 2014. Microsoft will be ending its all of its supports Windows XP come midnight on April 8, 2014. So what does it mean for it users and the rest of the world?

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While home users and businesses can still use Windows XP past April 08, but they would be at risk of malware and/or Hackers hijacking your cat photos lulz or vital customer information if you’re running a business. Since there will be no more security updates and hardware/ software patches you’re pretty much going have to upgrade and move to a more modern Operating system as suggested by Microsoft themselves pushing forward and recommending Windows 8.1.

This can potentially hurt Microsoft sales of Windows since there are more choices of OS on the Market these days. Such as free solution, users may opt in using the latest Linux build of Ubuntu. Mac OSX is a good alternative to windows, or even Google Chrome OS if internet is all you need. Better late than never I guess for old timers still using XP to go out and experiment with modern tech and get caught up.

But it isn't worth upgrading your Windows XP, if your Rig isn't up to par with current Windows OS. Anything below 1 GHZ and 1GB ram isn’t going to cut it for any windows OS upgrades besides Linux. In any case I’ll applaud anyone who survived using anything less than 512MB RAM and a MHZ CPU for the last 12 years. But seriously if you’re still using that machine it’s really time for an upgrade. Just be ready and remember to do some research before making your purchase and you’ll be fine.

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While it doesn't sadden me that Windows XP is going obsolete, it certainly does mean for us developers and programmers that there will be one less level of compatibility we have to test/check and more time for innovation. All in all Windows XP was certainly was a big milestone in computer/technology. The last thing I remembered doing on a Windows XP 8 years ago was playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Hope to hear what your views/opinions on Windows XP and/or the last thing you did on XP down in the comments.
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