Teased at last year E3 as Halo Xbox One, Halo 5 guardians is officially announced as the title for the next chapter of the Halo franchise exclusively for the Xbox One on fall 2015.Running at 60 frames per second on a new engine, dedicated servers (finally…), introducing new characters, and a bigger scope utilizing the full potential of the Xbox One. So is it enough to get us pumped, or get you to hold off on your purchase of Xbox One till 2015? , Hmm…. I don’t know I have haven’t considered getting any next gen consoles yet. Though Halo has always been my primary reason for getting an Xbox, if it was on PC then it would be a win, win for consumers IMO.

So what can we gather from the recent announcement from Bonnie Ross (General Manager, 343 Industries) blog post, is lots of promises for the best Xbox One Halo experience,no juicy stuff mentioned yet but more speculations arises until we find out more at this year E3. “Your (Halo) Journey Begins in 2014”, hints of the forthcoming of Halo TV live action series. Too bad I canned my TV cable subscription, streaming it FTW. Otherwise more Halo 4 Spartan ops please… I rather play it then watch it lol. Though having been burned out playing Halo 4 all of last year, the release for Halo 5 surely sits nicely in 2015 giving developers enough time to straighten this out.

So what’s confirmed about the plot so far from what’s released so. Is it’s going to be very sandy, judging from the last year teaser, and the recently released concept arts over at Halo waypoint bulletin. Ha-ha master chief likes sand now (star wars reference). The unnamed Spartan with blue glowing visor in the concept is confirm by josh Homes (The Executive Producer for Halo 5: Guardians) twitter to be a new male character, no confirmation whether he is a protagonist or antagonist yet. My guess is he’s probably master chief clone baby if you remember in Halo 4 Oni plans to replace chief, so if this the case we’ll probably get a parallel story line between the two characters, which would be cool. Otherwise nothing else is known until E3 in June 10. So are you excited about Halo 5: guardians? Would it convince you to get an Xbox One? Or are you pissed that you’ll have waited another year?

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