Hey doesn’t anybody remember that Apple watch that was announced way back last year?

I bet you do, otherwise if you have forgotten no biggie because if I told you Ads will be coming to the Apple Iwatch your interest in it would drop 20%. Well the inevitable has happened; Ads will be invading our wrists too. With the confirmation yesterday that TapSense a leading mobile ad exchange announces the first programmatic ad platform for Apple Watch.

Here’s what Ash Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of TapSense had to say:

“Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) are the next frontiers in the mobile revolution. We are excited to announce industry’s first programmatic ad platform for Apple Watch developers and brands."

“While most of our competitors are focused on banner ads and legacy platforms, we are focused on innovation and next generation platforms. Apple Watch has the potential to be a category disruptor similar to iPod or iPhone and we believe that it provides great opportunities for brands and developers to deliver engaging experiences to consumers.”

“For an iOS developer, Apple WatchKit provides familiar tools and APIs as well as exciting new user interactions such as Glances and Force Push. Developing an app for the watch is the same as writing any iOS extension,” said Amit Manjhi, Co-Founder & CTO of TapSense. “We can’t wait to see all the cool apps that developers build and how they leverage the TapSense platform for Apple Watch. ”

So what exactly the tap sense will offer developers and consumers is an interactive ad format to allow developers to create ads that would fit on that tiny watch screen and deliver good ad experiences for users. Hrmph, as long they allow developers/users to have a big skip and disable ads button it would be great for me personally at least.

Next off is the introduction of hyper local targeting ads and Apple Pay integration. Probably a one up if it actually turns out to be useful in the long run. Sending users local ads in which they are located, so use can receive notifications about local retail promotions and usable coupons which can use for purchases through Apple Pay.

Well it’s official ads are going to be everywhere in the future. While advertisements may benefit businesses and marketers, but seriously ads on watches too now, it seems a bit over kill don’t you think? I personally really don’t need to see ads on my wrist when I’m more interested in the time and/or notifications from friends/family on smart watches. If they make us wait seconds for an ad before we can do anything on our watches or we have to skip/close multiple ads to be able to use the watch that would be hilarious and face palm at the same time.

Nothing like an old spice ad before getting to the time.Anyways now there’s going to be more reasons to hate seeing and/or annoyed by ads if this power is abused and they start putting them big ones on smart watches that suck up data usage. So what do you think about ads being on your wrist, if there was an ability to customize ads on your wrists what would it be? Or do completely hate the idea of having ads on watches and hope there’s a disable ad feature?


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