BioShock Infinite is the third installment in the BioShock series a first person shooter, action adventure game that primarily took place in a fictional underwater city called Rapture. Now with BioShock Infinite we take to the skies in the city of Columbia. Set in the 1912 you play as Booker Dewitt on a quest to rescue a woman from captivity in Columbia. Sounds cliché eh? You will be surprised… Developed by Irrational games and published by 2K games released on March 26, 2013 for the Xbox 360, Play station 3, PC, and August 29, 2013 for Mac OSX. So is BioShock Infinite still worth the time and dollars?

Well if you are looking for a pretty game with a brilliant soundtrack out of the box. Look no further BioShock Infinite art design is stunning and unique. The clear blue sky of outdoor environments comes to life with the great color section and lighting effects. Sometimes it is so gorgeous that you cannot help stopping to admire the view. The environment is lively with citizens going about their lives. However, as the story progresses the setting becomes dark and bloody mysterious loose that magic in the first half of the game. The art direction and soundtrack really set it apart from other games, which make it a good candidate for eye candy in my opinions.

If you are looking for a repayable game BioShock infinite shortcomings will surely disappoint. Solely relying on its auto saves at the beginning of every chapter as a chapter select option. Means you have differentiated and old character progression at each auto saves. Rendering most of the other stuff useless such as upgrading your skills, buying guns, and Vigors. Since you will be stuck with the same thing if you wish replay certain parts using the auto saves after the end game.

No manual saves also means you always start at auto save checkpoints. Would have been nice if BioShock infinite had included a single character progression across all saves then replay it would be less tedious. But since this not case BioShock infinite also lacks a new game plus mode, thus meaning you are forced to replay as a fresh character every time even on higher difficulty play through. So things might get difficult and/or repetitive, if you are looking for a good hardcore challenge this setup might be in favor for you.

The mission structure of Bioshock Infinite made me felt like I was doing one epic chore. Having you tasked with to get from point A to point B shooting up or burn up a couple of guys along the way. When you first enter the world, it may seem like an open world with exploration, but the longer down the story you will almost start to realize the game is one big linear escort quest once you rescue Elizabeth.

While not all is bad once you get Elizabeth as your faithful follower for the rest of the game, she has some interesting dialogue so it does not make it a lonely journey to the other side. Alongside that, Elizabeth likes to throw stuff at you, reviving you, and opening locked doors. Certainly one of the best companions that have a lovable personality I have seen so far in games. Thanks to her, the journey to the end of BioShock infinite is not very bad.

While the mission structure may be quite bland, the gameplay handles quite nicely in BioShock infinite. Weapons look and feel great, shooting people in the face has a smooth slick sense of power. Though enemies can be quite dumb since almost every encounter is they are trying to swarm you head on in large numbers in hopes you have to reload. When you have access to the sky rail, every fight becomes a breeze spamming “DEATH FROM ABOVE”.

Plasmid also returns now known as Vigors and has been reduced to 8 instead of 11 as seen back in BioShock 1&2 allowing for a more organized and effective ease of use. Since you are limited to carry two weapons it balances out that, you have Vigors at your disposal. Gladly you will be able to use each of the vigor once throughout the game though I still think Fire is amazing. There is also Elizabeth ho keeps your health and salt up by doing a quick battle throw animation during combat, which surprisingly does not significantly affect the pace. Overall, I can say combat in BioShock infinite is a love or hate position, which depends whether or not you have been tired playing FPS by the time you play it.

Overall BioShock infinite is a solid game with two this going for it which is the story, combat, and Elizabeth maybe… depends if you like her. However, with the some setbacks such as linear missions that feel like chores to go through, or the game is not repayable essentially relying on auto saves for endgame replays. If you are like me who was not a fan of the first two, I will suggest passing on this. Otherwise, if up for a challenge and story BioShock Infinite might be a game for you. The final would be verdict 70/100.

Verdict: 70/100
is it still worth it?-Sorta..
The Good: The Bad:
  • Stunning visuals.
  • sound track has a nice tone.
  • Amazing guns.
  • Great Story.
  • Combat is enjoyable.
  • No manual saves.
  • Chapters replay are auto saves files.
  • Linear mission.
  • Game becomes a chore having you do repetitive tasks.

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