PayDay 2 gage Sniper pack revealed today and ready to go tomorrow o.O Thursday May 8, 2013 along with the next major update for PayDay 2 PC patch 27. Seriously just when I was starting to get burned out from playing PayDay 2 they bring out new content just in time to keep it fresh. Click here to go check out my Pay Day 2 review that I recently posted if you’re contemplated about getting the game. Otherwise here’s what to expect from Sniper pack.

Gage sniper

For $4.95 you get the luxury of equipping and using 3 powerful rifles from bolt action, to high caliber ones. While claimed to be slow but high in damage, OMGz one of them even has 2k+ damage with a magazine of 5 bullets “BOOM Head shot!” anyone. Honestly the first things I’ll be doing with theses are taking them inside a GO Bank and watch the head roll. That’s not the only things that’s included there are masks, new mods, and sniper assets which we’ll find out more tomorrow. So yeah I hope there’s huge sniper scope mod that I could slap on my pistol just for laughs, but it's probably just sniper specific mods only. Just note there are level requirements for theses you’ll probably want to wait on purchase if you just started play Pay day 2.Check out their official promotion page here:

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